Twitter Onboarding
A simple sign up form with two fields greets us when we click on "Sign Up". We can choose to use our phone or email
As soon as we enter our email/phone, we are provided with Terms & Conditions text and a CTA
A verification code is sent to your email or phone
After entering the code, we are asked to set a password
Next, we can choose our interests. Twitter provides a few popuplar ones upfront, or we can manually search
I searched for a few topics and added them, which are displayed at the top. You can select any number of interests here
Based on our interests, Twitter suggests a few people we can follow. No search option available here
Let's select a few and move on
One more step. Twitter picks a good time to ask for notification permission, right as the onboarding is about to end
That's it! Our feed is ready along with an onboarding progress bar and suggestions on people to follow