Udacity Learning Experience
The courses are divided into Topics (Lessons) and Problem Sets units that are listed in the sequence to be attempted.
The top area features a sticky CTA and indication for the current/immediate step to be continued. Each Lesson unit box has a progress indicator at the bottom of it.
The Lesson screen features a content area on the left with 3 sections - Concepts, Resources & Search. Concepts has a list of videos, quizzes, reading material etc listed under that lesson, in the sequence to be followed for studying
Resources has a all the videos and transcripts for downloads and link to Forums, and Search allows you to search through all the topics
Lesson content list can be minimised through hamburger menu. A NEXT button at the bottom is added to go to the immediate next step
You also have quizzes while learning, and you can see these by playing the quiz videos
After viewing the quiz question, you can then attempt to answer it